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Give Yourself a Break

Finding balance in your life incorporates a multitude of aspects that helps to maintain and encourage growth and stability. Part of this balance not only includes trying to fit in all 5 aspects in your week (see Striving for Balance in Your Week), it also means giving yourself a break when needed, or even when it's wanted. A break can refresh, prevent the wrong words from coming out, and rejuvenate you. A break can be done in many ways, but the most important thing to remember is to ban the "shoulds" from interrupting your break time. Feeling or thinking the "shoulds" are a way for your mind to give yourself guilt. Fortunately for you, guilt is something only you can give yourself - fortunate because you can stop giving yourself guilt when you're ready (something you can discuss with your therapist to make it easy).

Without the "shoulds" and guilt in your way, you're ready to give yourself a break. A break can mean taking the night off from working after dinner, a break from the long argument to prevent becoming angry, a break to watch the sunset, or a break can mean watching a movie on a saturday afternoon instead of housework.

For assistance with your weekly balance or taking a break, contact us at Hilber Psychological Services.

What do you do to take a break?? How does that help balance your week?