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Catching the "Good"

Do you notice the irritating behaviors or the bad choices more than the good ones? Do you wish you could help your child or partner make better choices? A little effort can go a long way show you care and support others. This acknowledgement can help your loved ones feel better. When individuals feel better, they are more likely to make better choices and have better behaviors. Here's an activity you can do to help your loved one feel better.

Catching the Good Behaviors

Cognitive behavior

Ideally, you want the reward to happen pretty quickly and within a few days when you first introduce this. This means that when you introduce it, make sure the items fill up the container quickly. After receiving the reward the first time, you can modify either the container or items to make the reward less frequent.

This activity is a Win-Win-Win. You win by seeing more of the good choices and behaviors, they win by feeling acknowledged and supported when they do good things, and your relationship wins by growing more positive in feelings, reactions, and support.

This can also be part of your reward system in parenting whenever you add more consequences or chores to balance the feedback you're giving them. You can also do this activity in a modified way for adults or your partner. Instead of an actual container, you can thank your partner or tell them you noticed when you see the good things. Again, it's a win-win-win and many people find that they seem happier when they focus on the positive behaviors.

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